FidoNet Technical Standards Committee Document Archive

Official FidoNet Technical Standards (fts)

Arkiv Beskrivning Text
fts-0001.z15 A basic FidoNet(r) technical standard, R Bush fts-0001.015 Echomail specification, B Hartman fts-0004.txt
fts-0005.z03 The distribution nodelist, B Baker, R Moore, D Nugent fts-0005.003
fts-0005.z04 The distribution nodelist, B Baker, R Moore, D Nugent fts-0005.004
fts-0006.z02 YOOHOO and YOOHOO/2U2, V Perriello fts-0006.002
fts-0007.z03 SEAlink protocol extension, P Becker fts-0007.003
fts-0008.z03 Bark file-request protocol extension, P Becker fts-0008.003
fts-0009.z01 Message identification and reply linkage, j nutt fts-0009.001

FidoNet Standards Proposals And Miscellaneous Documents (fsc)

Arkiv Beskrivning Text FidoNet Route Files Explained, B Baker fsc-0003.txt Zones and Zonegates explained primitively, R Bush fsc-0004.txt Opus 1.01 Netmail passwording scheme, W Wagner fsc-0005.txt
fsc-0007.z02 RFC-822-style msg header proposal, R Heller fsc-0007.002 Nodelist Flag Draft Document Gwinn/Dodell fsc-0009.txt Dutchie 2.80 SEAlink File Resynch, H Wevers fsc-0010.txt Experiences/corrections to FSC-0001, B Hartman fsc-0011.txt Binary-style msg proposal, W Wagner fsc-0014.txt FOSSIL 5.0 Documentation, R Moore fsc-0015.txt FidoNet Mail Session Startup, R Hartman fsc-0016.txt Archive Philosophy and Document Naming, R Bush fsc-0017.txt Alternate Nodelist Flag Proposal M Presnell fsc-0020.txt VFOSSIL, OS/2 Video FOSSIL Appendage R Moore fsc-0021.txt Bundle naming convention proposal R Meyer fsc-0023.txt Binary bundle proposal, O McDonald fsc-0024.txt AVATAR Video Spec, G Stanislav fsc-0025.txt Proposed file-forwarding standard, H Lee fsc-0028.txt Proposal for message identification, J Cowan fsc-0030.txt Proposed message id/linkage standard, M Ratledge fsc-0031.txt Proposed message quoting standard, M Ratledge fsc-0032.txt Proposal for message identification, T Kover fsc-0033.txt
fsc-0034.z02 Gateways to and from FidoNet, R Bush fsc-0034.002 Transparent gateways to/from FidoNet, M Shiels fsc-0035.txt Group Mail specification, D Lovell fsc-0036.txt AVATAR 0+ Video Spec, G Stanislav fsc-0037.txt
fsc-0038.z01 Proposed domain gating protocol, j nutt fsc-0038.001
fsc-0039.z04 A type-2 packet extension proposal, M Howard fsc-0039.004
fsc-0040.z01 Proposed modem handling extension, M Shiels fsc-0040.001
fsc-0042.z01 A modified gateway agreement, S Furber fsc-0042.001
fsc-0043.z02 Some hints on recognizing control lines in FidoNet(r) message text, R Bush fsc-0043.002
fsc-0044.z02 Improved duplicate detection, J Decker fsc-0044.002
fsc-0045.z01 Proposed new packet header, T Henderson fsc-0045.001
fsc-0046.z05 Proposed product identifier, J Homrighausen fsc-0046.005
fsc-0047.z01 The ^ASPLIT kludge line, P Terry fsc-0047.001
fsc-0048.z02 Proposed type-2 packet extension, J Vroonhof fsc-0048.002
fsc-0049.z01 A proposal for passing domain information during FTS-0006 sessions, B Hartman fsc-0049.001
fsc-0050.z01 A character set identifier for FidoNet message editors, T Sundblom fsc-0050.001
fsc-0051.z03 A system-independent way of transferring special characters, T Gradin fsc-0051.003
fsc-0052.z01 A proposal for making the PATH zone aware, G van der Land fsc-0052.001
fsc-0053.z02 Specifications for the ^aFLAGS field, J Homrighausen fsc-0053.002
fsc-0054.l54 The CHARSET proposal, D McNutt fsc-0054.004
fsc-0054.z04 A system independant way of transferring special characters, Duncan McNutt fsc-0054.004
fsc-0055.z01 Security passwords in nodelist updates, L Kolin fsc-0055.001
fsc-0056.z01 EMSI/IEMSI Protocol Definition, J Homrighausen fsc-0056.001
fsc-0057.z03 Echo Area Managers - Specifications For Requests, F Fabris, J Homrighausen fsc-0057.003
fsc-0058.z02 A New Way Of Addressing In FidoNet, W Van Sebroeck, J Spooren fsc-0058.002
fsc-0059.z01 Newsgroup Interchange within FidoNet, J Decker fsc-0059.001
fsc-0060.z01 Calculation and Usage of CRC's, F van der Loos fsc-0060.001
fsc-0061.z01 Proposed Guidelines for the FileBone, E VanRiper fsc-0061.001
fsc-0062.z03 Proposal for a Nodelist Flag Indicating Online Times, D Thomas fsc-0062.003
fsc-0063.z01 Proposal For FidoNet Messages, J Miller fsc-0063.001
fsc-0064.z07 InterDomain Message ID, Gating, Linking and Addressing, J Penner fsc-0064.007
fsc-0065.z01 Type 3 ASCII: A Proposal, M Kimes fsc-0065.001
fsc-0066.z02 Type 3 Binary: A Proposal, M Kimes fsc-0066.002
fsc-0067.z01 A Proposal For Sensible Kludge Lines, M Kimes fsc-0067.001
fsc-0068.z01 A Proposed Replacement For FTS-0004, M. Kimes fsc-0068.001
fsc-0069.z01 A FidoNet (FTN) Domain Name Service, R Heller F Arnaud fsc-0069.001
fsc-0070.z02 Improving FidoNet/UseNet Gating and Dupe Checking, fsc-0070.002
fsc-0071.z01 Distributed FREQ (DFREQ) Specifications, B Auclair fsc-0071.001
fsc-0072.z01 The HYDRA file transfer protocol, J Homrighausen, A Lentz fsc-0072.001
fsc-0073.z01 Encrypted message identification for FidoNet, John Mudge fsc-0073.001
fsc-0074.z01 Proposed echomail specification, J Souvestre, D Troendle, B Davis, G Peace fsc-0074.001
fsc-0075.z01 Proposal for ISDN capability flags in the nodelist, J Ceuleers fsc-0075.001
fsc-0076.z01 Proposal for netmail areatags, S Gove fsc-0076.001
fsc-0077.z01 Proposed type-10 packet format, J Steck fsc-0077.001
fsc-0078.z01 Gateway between FidoNet compatible networks, C Lacerda fsc-0078.001
fsc-0079.z02 RTF mail: proposal for message formatting in the type-2 message packet, K Axon fsc-0079.002
fsc-0080.z02 Describing FidoNet with a layered model, Mikael Staldal fsc-0080.002
fsc-0081.z01 A type-3 packet proposal, Mikael Staldal fsc-0081.01a
fsc-0082.z01 A proposed new packet type, S. Slabihoud fsc-0082.001
fsc-0083.z01 A proposed standard for message IDs on FTN systems, fsc-0083.001
fsc-0084.z01 EDX1: Electronic Data Exchange standard level 1, D.Bider fsc-0084.001
fsc-0085.z01 Proposal for the "NOZIP" and "ERX" nodelist flags, D.Bider fsc-0085.001
fsc-0086.z01 SRIF: Description of a new Standard Requestion Information File, M.Mucko fsc-0086.001
fsc-0087.z01 File forwarding in FidoNet technology networks, R.Williamson fsc-0087.001
fsc-0088.z01 Compatibility and Link Qualifier Extensions for EMSI sessions, R.Williamson fsc-0088.001
fsc-0089.z01 The INTL: netmail addressing control line, R.Williamson fsc-0089.001
fsc-0090.z01 FTSC Product Codes and Application Form fsc-0090.001
fsc-0091.z01 Proposal for ISDN nodelist flags, A Lentz fsc-0091.001
fsc-0092.z01 New control lines for forwarded messages, M.Hohner fsc-0092.001
fsc-0093.z01 Reduced seen-by lines, F.Ellermann fsc-0093.001

These are proposals which either attempt to define current practice or take
the form of discussion documents encouraging a future practice.
These documents will eventually transmute to a Standard (FTS) or be placed
in the reference library (FRL).

The Proposal series (fsp)

Arkiv Beskrivning Text
fsp-1001.z02 Timezone information in FTN messages O.Sorensen fsp-1001.002
fsp-1002.z02 Reply indication in FTN subject lines O.Sorensen fsp-1002.002
fsp-1003.z01 Obsoloted by FRL-1001 L.Kindness fsp-1003.001
fsp-1005.z06 Zone 2 nodelist flags F.Ellermann fsp-1005.006
fsp-1006.z01 Kludge for specifying addition e-mail reply addresses R.v.d.Winkel fsp-1006.001
fsp-1007.z01 Multiple recipient address specification to gateway R.v.d.Winkel fsp-1007.001
fsp-1008.z02 New control lines for forwarded messages M.Hohner fsp-1008.002
fsp-1009.z01 Year 2000 issues in FTN software M.Hohner fsp-1009.001
fsp-1010.z01 Via kludge specification C. Turner, J. Homrighausen fsp-1010.001
fsp-1011.z02 Binkp transfer protocol D. Maloff, N. Soveiko, M. Masyutin fsp-1011.002
fsp-1012.z03 Integration of IP Nodes into the nodelist L. Behet fsp-1012.003
fsp-1013.z01 Character set definition in Fidonet messages P. Karlsson fsp-1013.001
fsp-1014.z01 Moderating by Voting echomail distribution system A. Shabashvili A. Chepckunov fsp-1014.001
fsp-1015.z01 Simple E-Mail Attach Transport (S.E.A.T.) C. Cruden V. Danen B. Shellenberg R. v. d. Winkel fsp-1015.001
fsp-1016.z01 Automatic configuration of Points in FidoNet Christian von Busse fsp-1016.001

The Administration series, with names beginning FTA detail the FTSC itself;
more specifically, it's charter, membership, election procedures as well
as the details relevant for document submission.

The Administration series (fta)

Arkiv Beskrivning Text
fta-1000.z02 Charter fta-1000.002
fta-1001.z04 Operations fta-1001.004
fta-1002.z02 Document submission & Publication Standard fta-1002.002
fta-1003.z06 Membership List fta-1003.006
fta-1004.z04 File List fta-1004.004
fta-1005.z02 Product Codes fta-1005.002
fta-1006.z02 Key words to indicate requirement levels fta-1006.002
fta-1007.z02 Intellectual Property Rights fta-1007.002
ftscprod.z06 Product Code List ftscprod.006

The Reference Library contains proposals which were not adopted by
the FidoNet development community, but which may contain interesting
information for future ideas or improvement; these documents have
names beginning FRL.

The Reference Library (frl)

Arkiv Beskrivning Text
frl-1001.z01 Suggested use of nodelist fields L. Kindness frl-1001.001
frl-1002.z01 Standard Fidonet addressing L. Kindness frl-1002.001